Why explore space?

Why do we explore space? Why do we always look to the skies? Why do we try to understand the universe? Why do we read or write science fiction? Why does our technology always turn out to be like science fiction? Because we can.

Why do we kill others? Why do we blame others for our own shortcomings? Why do we take instead of give? Why do we horde instead of share? Why do we praise Alexander the Great instead of Mahatma Gandhi? Why do we develop weapons of war instead of implements of peace? Why was the Internet created to allow communications after a nuclear war, instead of something to share knowledge with? Because we can.

Why do we kill off life on Earth instead of protect it? Why are we the worst mass extinction event ever to happen? Why are we not spending our energy to go from the cradle of life into the stars above? Because we are ignorant.

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Published January 15th, 2005


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