Bush Rapes America

Well, as everyone knows, President Bush just wasted $40 million of taxpayer money on his stupid Inauguration. You know what $40 million could do? Feed a small third world country for a year. Provide medical aid for thousands of Americans who are currently without. Hire 800 teachers (at $50k/yr) for one year. Send a scientific satellite into orbit. Any number of things, and Bush chose to spend it instead on tear gassing hundreds of protesters.

President Bush, I am very disappointed with you. I did not vote for you, the majority of Americans did not vote for you. You and I both know you disenfranchised the American people. You are supposed to act in our best interests, and in your four years, you never did this even once. How can you live with yourself?

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Published January 22nd, 2005


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thank the crazy leftists for that, if it wasnt for their retarded protesting then the police would not have to contain them

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